24 Jun 2012

July 2012

I am going again.    I was not sure it would ever happen again.   But I am off to Vannes in Brittany on the 4th July for a few weeks to look after a cat.
This time it is in a city and the cat will be all right if I go out.   When I did it before it was about the animal and I did not leave them for long.   And I just stayed in the house and hung around and went for walks.   Hopefully this will be different.   I might even go to Nantes on a train for a day.   I never had to find my way anywhere in France before.   I arrived and was collected and people just brought me to places.   So it  could all be very scary or very exciting.   We will see.
I know I will have to use of a computer so I will be able to write something about what I am doing.

Went to Vannes, about twenty minutes from the town walking through two parks, one of which I loved.  It had a bird sanctuary  too.   Loved it.   It was quiet and safe and a just a nice distance for a walk.  The cat I was looking after..pica poca...or something like that in french.   Used to be out at night calling in a loud whisper so as not to wake the neighbours,   It really got into the habit of getting me to do that..   Had a good time though, just sitting on the balcony reading on my ebook, cups of tea and walking.   That was about all i did.

There was a medieval festival on one of the weekends I was there.   I just went in one day and it was lashing rain.  Worth it though, the parade was good.

That's Maud on the right with her neighbour, another lovely lady.   The day we had together after Maud came back was good.   We went into town for lunch to an eastern cafe where we ate something they cook at home.   Came home for a fiesta and out again to go to the beach.   Then out for dinner again.   I tried pigs intestines but decided not to order the meal it was in.  I did not like it.    Enjoyed the day.  Then got a lift from a car exchange thing on the Internet.   Interesting man who gave me life and got me to the airport, which was great.

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