18 Feb 2013

January 2013

I have had a busy month trying to sort some things out where I live, but hopefully I will be happier if I ever finish.
I really want to change things here so I am going to start by just posting by the month.   I am not sure if I can change my older posts into months but I may try.

I have joined Misty Mawns class for the year called 'Faces to faces'.     There is great information on it and I will take my time exploring.

As well as that I started a class with Mindy.   She is posting a video of a different girl every month.   It is fun.
Below is January's done on wood.

I did this one first in my moleskin to try it out.   Its almost better when you are just having fun with something.  

Misty Mawn started her class!   We were all really excited by it.    She changed the format a bit.   So here are a few of my first efforts.   Drawing and pastels.

Charcoal and white chalk on hot pressed watercolor paper.

This is a drawing in my notebook on hot pressed watercolor paper.   Its a bit of a picture stuck down and I drew around them in pastels.

I drew this on a collaged acrylic notebook in pencil.   Then used some pastel on it.   I was using them very sparingly.    I am new to them and a bit afraid of ruining her.

This is a painting I did on cold pressed watercolor paper with acrylics over some writing..    Lots of layers and I really enjoyed this one.

We did a charcoal background, again on hot pressed watercolor paper and used the eraser to make the picture..

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