4 Mar 2013

February with Misty

We are into March now so I thought I would show a few of the paintings I did in February in 'face to face'.   I did not get much done this month, stuff going on here.  I got my windows taken out and put back in again.   I am opening my windows for the first time in years.   There is still problems with the kitchen one but I am pleased.
I am still not working every day but I am really enjoying doing this now.  When I take my art supplies out, I like it.   It feels as if I am making more progress, one picture at a time.   I am just doing it and not getting as frustrated with my poor attempts as much or critical of my results.   And when they come out ok its great.

A painting I did I started a while ago and I finished it off.

A Picture I did with crayons and collage.   I loved doing it and would love to do more.

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