4 Apr 2013

March, 2013

It was my birthday this month and my twin sister and I went to a hotel at the bottom of Mount Errigal in Donegal for a few days.   We had a very relaxed time and really did not do much.   Ann went off and walked while I sat around and watched a good film, had coffee and went for a shorter walk.   We just ate well and played cards in the evenings which I really enjoyed.

The course with Misty finally finished even though I am only starting to get into it.   I am taking things slowly as usual.    There is a postcard swap going on at the moment with people on the facebook site.   We were given one name to send a postcard to and receive from.    It really was such fun.    I have received two already and just love opening up my postbox to these beauties.    And I finally got 10 done and posted.  I really want to do more.

 I will post some photos of some I sent and the ones I received.

I did a icon, by drawing a face and collaging around it.    I was going to do it anyway.   But what gave me inspiration just to do it was see some of the collages in the cubist exhibition in IMMA.     I am just loving collage.   I just want to do more.

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